Sher Point Publications, UK produces novels in the genres of “mystical faction”, science fiction and social realism. These were made available as ebooks for the Kindle via Amazon web sites in the US, UK and Europe. Now they're available for free download in both .epub and .mobi ebook formats.

If you fancy mystical adventure, try Escape From the Shadowlands or In Search of Destiny. If soft sci-fi floats your boat, try Game of Aeons.


Etienne de L'Amour's Shadowlands series of novels • Thank You, I Understand

H.M. Forester's science fiction novels

Reviews of Etienne de L'Amour and H.M. Forester's books

Idries Shah and Sufi-related documents

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☆ “Why are you giving away your mystical adventure and sci-fi ebooks?” Here's why.

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